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Saturday Night Live: Season 29

Episode 1: Jack Black/John Mayer (s29e01)

Plot Summary: Live from New York, "and all of that," it's... Darrell Hammond!

Sketches include, "Californians For Schwarzenegger," "Huggies Thong," "Queer Eye For The Straight Gal," "The Wade Robson Project," "Cooking Class," "Yankee Super-Heroes" (cartoon), "The Wheel Bar & Grill," "The Wine Critic," and "Telemarketers" (musical number).

John Mayer performed "Clarity" and "Bigger Than My Body."
Originally aired on: 10/4/2003
Fan Rating: 7.1

Episode 2: Justin Timberlake (1) (s29e02)

Plot Summary: Live from New York, it's... Darrell Hammond!

Sketches include, "Hardball," "Punk'd: Barely Legal," "Schwarzenegger Press Conference," "A Message From Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpson," "Omletteville vs., Benny's," "DirecTV," "Boston Teens at a Restaurant," "The Sharon Osbourne Show," "Justin and Kermit The Frog," "Carl Weathers For Governor," "Amy Loves Justin," and "The Barry Gibb Talk Show."

Justin Timberlake performs "Rock Your Body," "Senorita," and "Cry Me A River."
Originally aired on: 10/11/2003
Fan Rating: 7.8

Episode 3: Halle Berry/Britney Spears (s29e03)

Plot Summary: Live from New York, it's... Maya Rudolph!

Sketches include, "Kobe & Vanessa Bryant," "Gaystrogen," "The Don Zimmer Sports Spectacular," "Donatella Versace," "Tel-e-link," "Quick Ones," "Sukihura Sushi Bar," "The Sunday National Enquirer," "The Best Of Klymaxx," "Brokaw Voicemail," "Ashford & Simpson," and "Speedreader."

Britney Spears performs "Me Against The Music" and "Everytime."
Originally aired on: 10/18/2003
Fan Rating: 6.2

Episode 4: Kelly Ripa/Outkast (s29e04)

Plot Summary: Live from New York, it's... Darrell Hammond!

Sketches include "A Message From The President," "Tressant Supreme," "Live With Regis & Kelly," "Access Hollywood," "Center For Cow Fart Study," "Leilani Burke: Pet Psychic," "Spy Glass," and "Greenbriar County Animal Shelter."

OutKast peformed "Hey Ya!" and "The Way You Move" (featuring Sleepy Brown).
Originally aired on: 11/1/2003
Fan Rating: 7.0

Episode 5: Andy Roddick/Dave Matthews (s29e05)

Plot Summary: Live from New York, it's... Rachel Dratch!

Sketches include, "Martha Stewart Interview," "Cryogenix," "The Morning Mix", "Battle Of The Sexes 2", "Mary Poppins 2004/Chris Parnell and John McEnroe Commentary", "Anderson Mellner Communications Celebration", "Tennis Talk", "Merv The Perv," "Jock Talk," and "Action News 13."

Dave Matthews Band performs "Save Me" and " So Damn Lucky."
Originally aired on: 11/8/2003
Fan Rating: 5.9

Episode 6: Alec Baldwin/Missy Elliott (s29e06)

Plot Summary: Live from New York, it's... Darrell Hammond!

Sketches include "Presidental Address," "Huggies Thong," "Bad Plastic Surgeon," "Zinger vs. Burns," "The Tony Bennett Show," "Gaystrogen," "The Falconer," "Prince Charles Press Conference," "Keen Corp Meeting," "Roy Returns," and "Scheinwald Studios."

Missy Elliott performed "Pass That Dutch" and "Work It."
Originally aired on: 11/15/2003
Fan Rating: 6.7

Episode 7: Al Sharpton/Pink (s29e07)

Plot Summary: Live from New York, it's... Jimmy Fallon!

Sketches include "Equal Time Programming on NBC," "Michael Jackson On A Roller Coaster," "Brian Fellow's Safari Planet," "The Three Wise Men Get Racial-Profiled", "Al Sharpton's Casa de Sushi," "The Latoya Jackson Show," "Black Stereotypes," "Candidate Party," "Vasquez the Cabbie," "Cryogenix," and "Cash On Earth."

Pink performs "Trouble" and "God is a DJ."
Originally aired on: 12/6/2003
Fan Rating: 7.6

Episode 8: Elijah Wood/Jet (s29e08)

Plot Summary: Live from New York it's... Darrell Hammond!

Sketeches include "Hardball," "Choir Boys," "Queer Eye For Santa," "Fun With Real Audio" (cartoon), "Wake Up Wakefield," "Versace Egg Nog," "Gore Endorses Dean," and "Rialto Grande."

Jet performed "Are You Gonna Be My Girl" and "Look What You've Done."
Originally aired on: 12/13/2003
Fan Rating: 7.4

Episode 9: Jennifer Aniston/Black Eyed Peas (s29e09)

Plot Summary: Live from New York, it's... Darrell Hammond!

Sketches include "Message From Donald Trump," "Obnoxious Photographers," "Britney's Marriage," "Gaystrogen," "Democrats Against Howard Dean," "Saddam & Osama," "Country Roses," "Coco & Natsui Super Show," "Appalachian Emergency Room," and "Phone Sex Operator."

Black Eyed Peas performed "Where Is The Love" and "Hey Mama."
Originally aired on: 1/10/2004
Fan Rating: 6.5

Episode 10: Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey/G-Unit with 50 Cent (s29e10)

Plot Summary: Live from New York, it's... Jeff Richards!

Sketches were: "Howard Dean HQ," "Tylenol Extreme," "Joey Mack," "El Cantador Restaurant," "American Idol," "MTV Future," "American Beef Council," "The Sharon Osbourne Show," "Panty Shopping," "Bubba Sparxxx Ad Jingles," and "Tuna of the Dirt."

G-Unit performed "Stunt 101" and "Wanna Get To Know You" (featuring Joe).
Originally aired on: 1/17/2004
Fan Rating: 6.9

Episode 11: Megan Mullally/Clay Aiken (s29e11)

Plot Summary: Live from New York, it's... Darrell Hammond!

Sketches include,"Nightline," "Celebrity Poker Showdown," "Huggies Thong," "Babied Boyfriend," "The 61st Annual Golden Globe Awards," "Oprah's Favorite Things," "Black Lovin' Cab Driver," "The Wizard Of Oz," "Zings vs. Slams," and "Celebrity Relatives."

Clay Aiken performed "Invisible" and "The Way."
Originally aired on: 2/7/2004
Fan Rating: 7.6

Episode 12: Drew Barrymore/Kelis (s29e12)

Plot Summary: Live from New York, it's... Darrell Hammond!

Sketches are: "Gore Calls Kerry," "A Very Special Valentine's Versace," "Jarret's Room," "Access Hollywood," "Octane," "Mike's Bar, circa 1968," "Larry King Live," "Spy Glass," "The World of Scott Wainio" (film), "The White Stripes," and "The Prince Show."

Kelis performed "Milkshake" and "Trick Me."
Originally aired on: 2/14/2004
Fan Rating: 7.4

Episode 13: Christina Aguilera/Maroon 5 (s29e13)

Plot Summary: Live from New York, it's... Darrell Hammond!

Sketches include "Hardball," "Sex & The City," "Do You Know Who My Father Is?," "Pat O'Brien" (cartoon), "The History Channel: Celebration of Women Week," "Christina Aguilera Backstage," "Besos Y Lagrimas," and "Don's Apothecary."

Maroon 5 performed "This Love" and "Harder to Breathe."
Originally aired on: 2/21/2004
Fan Rating: 7.2

Episode 14: Colin Firth/Norah Jones (s29e14)

Plot Summary: Live from New York, it's... Ana Gastayer!

Sketches include "Nightline," "Bad Southern Accent," "Show Biz Grande Explosion," "FCC-Approved Cartoons," "Tim Calhoun In Court," "Horny Bellhops," "Meet the Press," "The Sopranos," and "Hollywood vs. History: Jesus Christ."

Norah Jones performed "Sunrise" and "What Am I To You?"
Originally aired on: 3/6/2004
Fan Rating: 7.4

Episode 15: Ben Affleck/N.E.R.D. (s29e15)

Plot Summary: Live from New York, it's... Ben Affleck, Rachel Dratch, Jimmy Fallon, and Seth Meyers!

Sketches Include "Donnie Bartalotti's Gay Wedding," "Z105," "Gigli Filming," "Only Bangkok" (three parts), "The Making of the Passion of the Dumpty/George W. Bush Campaign Commercials" (cartoon), "Appalachian Emergency Room," "Top O'The Morning," "Donnie G. and Sidecar," and "The Full Moon Killer."

N.E.R.D performed "Maybe" and "She Wants To Move."
Originally aired on: 3/13/2004
Fan Rating: 7.7

Episode 16: Donald Trump/Toots and the Maytals (s29e16)

Plot Summary: Live from New York, it's... Carolyn Kepcher!

Sketches include "The SNL Apprentice," "Fear Factor Junior," "Live with Regis and Kelly," "The VIP Seats," "Donald Trump's House of Wings," "Weekend Trump-Date," "Prince and the Pauper," "Fathers and Sons," "9/11 Hearings," and "Donald's Band Rehearsal."

Toots and the Maytals performed "Love Gonna Walk Out on Me" (with Ben Harper and Jack Johnson) and "Funky Kingston" (with Bootsy Collins and The Roots).
Originally aired on: 4/3/2004
Fan Rating: 6.0

Episode 17: Janet Jackson (s29e17)

Plot Summary: Live from New York, it's... Janet Jackson!

Sketches include "Cheney and Condoleezza Rice," "Brian Fellow's Safari Planet," "Starkisha in the Ticket Line," "SNL Easter Song," "The Prince Show," "Cork Soakers," "Good Times," and "Boom Boomer."

The host/musical guest performed "Strawberry Bounce" and "All Nite (Don't Stop)."
Originally aired on: 4/10/2004
Fan Rating: 7.7

Episode 18: Lindsay Lohan/Usher (s29e18)

Plot Summary: Live from New York, it's... Will Forte!

Sketches include "Bush's Preparation," "Turlington's Lower Back Tattoo Remover," "Jarret's Room," "Harry Potter," "Billy Joel's Car Ride," "Debbie Downer," "Club Traxx," "Kaitlin's Sleepover," and "The Adult Movie Awards."

Usher performed "Yeah" (with Ludacris) and "Burn."
Originally aired on: 5/1/2004
Fan Rating: 7.7

Episode 19: Snoop Dogg/Avril Lavigne (s29e19)

Plot Summary: Live from New York, it's... Darrell Hammond!

Sketches include "White House Friends," "Mom Jeans," "¡Show Biz Grande Explosion!," "Handicapped Rappers," "Scheinwald Studios," "ABC Fall Line-Up," "Snoop Dogg Misses 'Friends'," "Appalachian Emergency Room," "TV Funhouse: Pothead Theatre" (film), "Duster's Digest," and "A Mother's Day Message From Snoop Dogg."

Avril Lavigne performs "Don't Tell Me" and "(So Much For) My Happy Ending."
Originally aired on: 5/8/2004
Fan Rating: 6.5

Episode 20: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen/J-Kwon (s29e20)

Plot Summary: Live from New York, it's... Darrell Hammond!

Sketches include "Hardball," "Paparazzi," "Mary Kate/Ashley Perfume," "Z-105," "The Swan," "Pat and Patti's Backpack Shack," "Access Hollywood: New York Minute," "Bloder Brothers Flashback," "The Chapmans' Indoor Family Barbecue," "The Adventures of Harold" (film), and "Summer Lovin'."

J-Kwon performs "Tipsy."
Originally aired on: 5/15/2004
Fan Rating: 7.4

Episode 21: The Best of Chris Kattan (s29e21)

Plot Summary: Chris Kattan was one of SNL's most physical cast members. His unique, gender-bending characters were an amusing component of the show's late-90s winning streak. This special consists of highlights from his 7 1/2 years on SNL.

Sketches and clips include "The Roxbury Guys," "Mango," "Defense Attorney Suel," "The How Do You Say? Ah Yes, Show," "Mr. Peppers in the Lab," "Auditions for Bon Jovi," "America Undercover," "The Rialto Grande," "Goth Talk," "Sparks," "Oprah," "Larry King's Wedding Reception," "E! Impeachment Coverage," "Loaded-Musical Performance," "Emmy Awards Pre-Show," "Shopping at Home Network," "Siamese Twin Dates," and "Weekend Update Impressions"
Originally aired on: 9/27/2003
Fan Rating: 4.3

Episode 22: The Best of Tracy Morgan (s29e22)

Plot Summary: The so-called "other black guy" was one of most outrageous cast members of SNL. Despite a slow start, Tracy Morgan's presence helped revive the show in the late '90s. This compilation is highlights from his seven-year stint on the show.

Sketches and clips include "Wong & Owen, Ex-Porn Stars," "Brian Fellow's Safari Planet," "Pimp Chat," "Woodrow," "The View," "Uncle Jemima's Down House Mash Liquor," "Tracy Confronts Garth," "Astronaut Jones," "Talkin' to the Stars," "Hardball," "Big Bernard," "At the Movies," "Christmas Eve Drinks," "Channel 5 Late Night Movie," and a Weekend Update Commentary.
Originally aired on: 10/25/2003
Fan Rating: 6.5

Episode 29: The Best of Will Ferrell, Volume 2 (s29e29)

Plot Summary: More sketches and highlights from Will Ferrell's seven-year tenure on SNL, including "Wake Up and Smile" and "Brasky Buddies."
Originally aired on: 12/20/2003
Fan Rating: 8.2

Episode 30: The Best of Christopher Walken (s29e30)

Plot Summary: A small handful of actors and musicians have managed to become an important part of the history of Saturday Night Live without ever having been cast members. With his numerous stints as a host, Christopher Walken has become one of those personalities.

In this special, sketches include "The Continental," "Ed Glosser Trivial Psychic," "Rita Snowed In," "Behind the Music: Blue Oyster Cult," "Leon Loves Mango," "Patio Lovers," "Centaur Job Interview," "Hardball," "Pranksters," "Raft Captain," and "Colonel Angus."

The bonus features in the DVD version of this special includes two rejected dress rehearsal sketches and a behind-the-scenes look at the making of "The Continental" sketch.
Originally aired on: 9/7/2004
Fan Rating: 8.0


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