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Home and Away: Season 15

Episode 1: Episode 3191 (s15e01)

Plot Summary: Vinnie attempts to stay strong for Leah and V.J. when he is released on bail. Gypsy is having second thoughts about the engagement. Alex struggles to keep up a happy front for Leah's sake.
Originally aired on: 1/14/2002
Fan Rating: 8.2

Episode 2: Episode 3192 (s15e02)

Plot Summary: Dani and Josh's mutual flirtation continues. Shelley is concerned by the bitterness that is consuming Brodie's life. Vinnie finds it increasingly hard to stay positive.
Originally aired on: 1/15/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 3: Episode 3193 (s15e03)

Plot Summary: Charlotte and Jude find themselves in a passionate embrace. Dani is crushed when she learns of Will and Gypsy's engagement. Seb is crestfallen when Fisher refuses to take him and his friends camping.
Originally aired on: 1/16/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 4: Episode 3194 (s15e04)

Plot Summary: The camping trip gets off to a less then impressive start. Dani's attempt to befriend Cam is thrown back in her face. Charlotte and Jude take the first steps toward a more than physical relationship.
Originally aired on: 1/17/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 5: Episode 3195 (s15e05)

Plot Summary: Vinnie is stunned when he learns the realities of the charges he is facing. Gypsy makes a decision about her future with Will. The camping trip takes an unexpected turn for the better.
Originally aired on: 1/18/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 6: Episode 3196 (s15e06)

Plot Summary: Rhys is shocked when his brother, Pete and nephew Max, arrive in town. Vinnie continues to put distance between himself and V.J. Charlotte feels that she isn't ready for a relationship with Jude. Kirsty decides that she doesn't want to return to school - ever!
Originally aired on: 1/21/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 7: Episode 3197 (s15e07)

Plot Summary: Kirsty digs her heels in about quitting school. Leah is concerned for Alex as the inquest approaches. Pete is desperate to keep his gambling problem a secret. Vinnie is forced to be close to V.J.
Originally aired on: 1/22/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 8: Episode 3198 (s15e08)

Plot Summary: Brodie is shattered by the outcome of the inquest. Leah learns the truth about Vinnie's meeting with his solicitor. Gypsy and Will begin to plan their big day. Fisher attends another secret meeeting with the Department of Education.
Originally aired on: 1/23/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 9: Episode 3199 (s15e09)

Plot Summary: Will's life is in grave danger when a boat charter goes horribly wrong. Miles' father helps Brodie to work through her anger. Charlotte has a sudden change of heart about a relationship with Jude.
Originally aired on: 1/24/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 10: Episode 3200 (s15e10)

Plot Summary: The Smith family is rocked by some devastating news. Pete makes a heartbreaking decision. Charlotte and Jude's relationship continues to sizzle.
Originally aired on: 1/25/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 11: Episode 3201 (s15e11)

Plot Summary: The search for Will begins. Josh's confused about Dani's feelings for Will. What will Shelley and Rhys do about Max?
Originally aired on: 1/28/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 12: Episode 3202 (s15e12)

Plot Summary: Will decides on some new priorities. Kirsty embarks on a secret mission. Noah shocks Hayley with an expected decision.
Originally aired on: 1/29/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 13: Episode 3203 (s15e13)

Plot Summary: Fisher makes a shock announcement. Kirsty takes things one step too far. Vinnie tries to handle things his way.
Originally aired on: 1/30/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 14: Episode 3204 (s15e14)

Plot Summary: Shelley and Rhys find themselves in a no-win situation. Sally takes the future of Summer Bay High into her own hands. Alex is determined to have an Italian night at the Diner.
Originally aired on: 1/31/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 15: Episode 3205 (s15e15)

Plot Summary: Max finally learns the truth. Will has an unexpected proposal for Gypsy. Sally and Fisher go head to head at the town meeting.
Originally aired on: 2/1/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 16: Episode 3206 (s15e16)

Plot Summary: Will's world starts to fall apart. Sally continues to go behind Fisher's back. Brodie thinks Josh and Dani should be together - but they've got other ideas!
Originally aired on: 2/4/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 17: Episode 3207 (s15e17)

Plot Summary: Flynn takes on a dangerous new challenge. Fisher reveals his secret plan. Gypsy and Will finally reach a decision.
Originally aired on: 2/5/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 18: Episode 3208 (s15e18)

Plot Summary: Dani and Josh get a nasty surprise. Flynn learns the truth about Justin. It's Max's first day at Summer Bay High.
Originally aired on: 2/6/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 19: Episode 3209 (s15e19)

Plot Summary: Max gets caught wagging school. Dani's night with Josh is her worst date ever. Noah decides to buy a motorbike.
Originally aired on: 2/7/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 20: Episode 3210 (s15e20)

Plot Summary: Gypsy and Will get some devastating news. The police finally catch up with Justin. Fisher is all out of fight.
Originally aired on: 2/8/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 21: Episode 3211 (s15e21)

Plot Summary: Charlotte finds herself in a dangerous situation. Gypsy and Will go shopping for the wedding. Irene gets a surprising phone call.
Originally aired on: 2/11/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 22: Episode 3212 (s15e22)

Plot Summary: The girls of Summer Bay have a wild night in. Will's buck's night takes an unexpected turn. Brodie takes matters into her own hands.
Originally aired on: 2/12/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 23: Episode 3213 (s15e23)

Plot Summary: Dani learns Josh's true feelings. Flynn's conflict with Justin comes to a head. Max comes up with a new money making venture.
Originally aired on: 2/13/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 24: Episode 3214 (s15e24)

Plot Summary: Will Dani ask Josh to stay in Summer Bay? Nick makes a horrifying discover. Fisher discovers who's behind the pie sales.
Originally aired on: 2/14/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 25: Episode 3215 (s15e25)

Plot Summary: Will and Gypsy leave the Bay forever. Dani gets a surprise at the wedding. Jude's plagued by memories of Shauna.
Originally aired on: 2/15/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 26: Episode 3216 (s15e26)

Plot Summary: Vinnie prepares for his court case. Josh finally opens up to Dani. Jude can't get Shauna off his mind.
Originally aired on: 2/18/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 27: Episode 3217 (s15e27)

Plot Summary: The day of the court case arrives, but where's Vinnie? Josh gets a surprise visitor. Kirsty starts looking for a job.
Originally aired on: 2/19/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 28: Episode 3218 (s15e28)

Plot Summary: Vinnie's court case has an unexpected outcome. Leah struggles to cope with reality.
Originally aired on: 2/20/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 29: Episode 3219 (s15e29)

Plot Summary: Shelley gets an alarming phone call. Irene's worried about Nathan's behaviour. Kristy gets her first job interview.
Originally aired on: 2/21/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 30: Episode 3220 (s15e30)

Plot Summary: Rhys is worried about Max. Nathan confronts Nick about his attitude. Flynn anxiously waits for news.
Originally aired on: 2/22/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 31: Episode 3221 (s15e31)

Plot Summary: The desperate search for Max continues. Leah visits Vinnie in jail for the first time. Alf's small mindedness jeopardises Nathan's chances of finding work.
Originally aired on: 2/25/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 32: Episode 3222 (s15e32)

Plot Summary: Max's attempt to find his Dad lands him in hot water. Leah is forced to face the reality of Vinnie's situation. Flynn puts his career on the line in defence of Justin.
Originally aired on: 2/26/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 33: Episode 3223 (s15e33)

Plot Summary: Flynn is blackmailed. Rhys promises Max he'll help him find his Dad. Fisher is taken aback by the exchange teacher from Reefton Lakes.
Originally aired on: 2/27/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 34: Episode 3224 (s15e34)

Plot Summary: Flynn is furious with Noah for interfering in a case. Dani's plan to seduce Josh is foiled by Alf. Kick's year ten history class takes an interesting turn. Kirsty's first day at work isn't quite as enjoyable as she expected.
Originally aired on: 2/28/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 35: Episode 3225 (s15e35)

Plot Summary: Leah bids a heart-wrenching farewell to Vinnie. Dani and Josh finally kiss. Kick is skating on thin ice with Fisher after his 'alternative' method of teaching is discovered.
Originally aired on: 3/1/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 36: Episode 3226 (s15e36)

Plot Summary: Kirsty's jealousy takes a devious turn. Nathan loses his cool in the Diner after a run in with Colleen. Flynn's anger towards Noah continues to fester.
Originally aired on: 3/4/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 37: Episode 3227 (s15e37)

Plot Summary: Kirsty's deception continues. Fisher and Kick are at loggerheads. Nathan and Hayley bond.
Originally aired on: 3/5/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 38: Episode 3228 (s15e38)

Plot Summary: Kirsty gets what's coming to her. Leah makes a momentous decision. Dani is falling fast for Josh.
Originally aired on: 3/6/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 39: Episode 3229 (s15e39)

Plot Summary: Flynn is confronted by a siege situation. Alex makes a big sacrifice for the sake of his sister and his nephew. Fisher's attempt to transfer Kick back to Reefton Lakes is rebuffed.
Originally aired on: 3/7/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 40: Episode 3230 (s15e40)

Plot Summary: Flynn desperately negotiates with Mrs Bell. Rhys is shocked by a surprise visitor. Alex reveals his big surprise to Leah.
Originally aired on: 3/8/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 41: Episode 3231 (s15e41)

Plot Summary: Rhys learns the truth about Pete's situation. Seb is outraged when Fisher refuses to let an excursion go ahead. Leah goes out on a limb for Nathan.
Originally aired on: 3/11/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 42: Episode 3232 (s15e42)

Plot Summary: Rhys is forced to lie to save his brother. Kirsty acquires a new group of friends. Seb's video presentation deeply hurts Fisher.
Originally aired on: 3/12/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 43: Episode 3233 (s15e43)

Plot Summary: Max makes a heartbreaking decision. Dani is puzzled by Josh's reaction to her studying. Charlotte quizzes Jude about their future.
Originally aired on: 3/13/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 44: Episode 3234 (s15e44)

Plot Summary: Charlotte makes a discovery that will change her life forever. Josh shares a dark secret with Dani. Nathan drowns his sorrows when he loses his job at the Diner. Noah's dream of owning a motorbike finally comes true.
Originally aired on: 3/14/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 45: Episode 3235 (s15e45)

Plot Summary: The year ten excursion ends in tragedy. Jude reacts badly to the news of Charlotte's pregnancy. Nathan steals Alf's car.
Originally aired on: 3/15/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 46: Episode 3236 (s15e46)

Plot Summary: A desperate rescue plan is set in motion to save the people trapped in the bus.
Originally aired on: 3/18/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 47: Episode 3237 (s15e47)

Plot Summary: The hospital is in chaos as victims of the bus crash are treated. Nick's life hangs in the balance as he undergoes emergency surgery.
Originally aired on: 3/19/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 48: Episode 3238 (s15e48)

Plot Summary: Nick receives some devastating news. Nathan is crestfallen by the outcome of his television interview. Kirsty gets a fake ID.
Originally aired on: 3/20/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 49: Episode 3239 (s15e49)

Plot Summary: Kick reaches crisis point in the aftermath of the bus accident. Kirsty sneaks out to a nightclub. Alf blocks Josh's chances of getting the head lifeguard job.
Originally aired on: 3/21/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 50: Episode 3240 (s15e50)

Plot Summary: Charlotte makes a decision about the pregnancy. Jude tells Noah that he doesn't love Charlotte. Brodie is shocked when she discovers Ethan's secret. Alf has a change of heart about the lifeguard position.
Originally aired on: 3/22/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 51: Episode 3241 (s15e51)

Plot Summary: Seb decides Fisher needs looking after, Kirsty prepares for a big night out and Ethan wants Brodie to trust him.
Originally aired on: 3/25/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 52: Episode 3242 (s15e52)

Plot Summary: Brodie is devastated to find her necklace missing, all hell breaks loose in the Sutherland House and Jude tries to focus on his new life with Charlotte.
Originally aired on: 3/26/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 53: Episode 3243 (s15e53)

Plot Summary: Nick has a breakthrough in his recovery and Charlotte's worried the pregnancy will affect her career.
Originally aired on: 3/27/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 54: Episode 3244 (s15e54)

Plot Summary: Fisher gets some devastating news. Nick is eager to go home. Alex has a new love interest!
Originally aired on: 3/28/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 55: Episode 3245 (s15e55)

Plot Summary: Nick struggles to readapt to living at home. Ethan makes a shocking discovery. Nathan goes on an awkward first date.
Originally aired on: 3/29/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 56: Episode 3246 (s15e56)

Plot Summary: Nick grows even more dependent on Jade. Kelli gets revenge on Alex. Brodie comes up with a radical plan to fight the school closure.
Originally aired on: 4/1/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 57: Episode 3247 (s15e57)

Plot Summary: Nick takes matters into his own hands, with devastating consequences Leah is struggling to cope without Vinnie.
Originally aired on: 4/2/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 58: Episode 3248 (s15e58)

Plot Summary: Nathan gets an unexpected kiss. Alex decides to do something for Leah. Kirsty is forced to work with Seb.
Originally aired on: 4/3/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 59: Episode 3249 (s15e59)

Plot Summary: Fisher is determined to stop the sit in. Nathan thinks he's blown things with Grace. Kirsty continues to taunt Brodie.
Originally aired on: 4/4/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 60: Episode 3250 (s15e60)

Plot Summary: Kirsty sneaks out to a nightclub and makes a dangerous decision. Ethan makes a shocking declaration. Dani tells Josh the truth about her past.
Originally aired on: 4/5/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 61: Episode 3251 (s15e61)

Plot Summary: Kirsty's life hangs in the balance. Dani discovers Kirsty took drugs. Police raid the school sit in.
Originally aired on: 4/8/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 62: Episode 3252 (s15e62)

Plot Summary: The Sutherlands wait anxiously for news of Kirsty. Josh supports Dani through some hard times. Fisher has put his job on the line.
Originally aired on: 4/9/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 63: Episode 3253 (s15e63)

Plot Summary: Rhys and Kirsty reach a new level of understanding. Nathan hears some heartbreaking news about Grace.
Originally aired on: 3/10/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 64: Episode 3254 (s15e64)

Plot Summary: Irene helps fulfil one of Nathan's dreams. Hayley makes an important decision. Leah is excited about her first wedding anniversary.
Originally aired on: 4/11/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 65: Episode 3255 (s15e65)

Plot Summary: Charlotte discovers how Jude really feels about her. Fisher gets some devastating news. Irene says an emotional goodbye to her son.
Originally aired on: 4/12/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 66: Episode 3256 (s15e66)

Plot Summary: Kirsty sneaks off to spend time with Jemma. Charlotte decides to raise the baby on her own.
Originally aired on: 4/15/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 67: Episode 3257 (s15e67)

Plot Summary: Nick reaches breaking point. Charlotte is faced with a life-changing decision. Kirsty's attempt to help Jemma backfires.
Originally aired on: 4/16/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 68: Episode 3258 (s15e68)

Plot Summary: Fisher gets a surprise visitor. Shelley and Rhys meet Jemma's parents - with unexpected results. Hayley comes up with a plan to help Nick.
Originally aired on: 4/17/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 69: Episode 3259 (s15e69)

Plot Summary: Alex's romantic date goes horribly wrong. Nick finds new hope in the form of an unexpected visitor.
Originally aired on: 4/18/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 70: Episode 3260 (s15e70)

Plot Summary: Jude finally admits his true feelings for Charlotte. Alex confronts his past. Josh and Dani go orienteering in the bush.
Originally aired on: 4/19/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 71: Episode 3261 (s15e71)

Plot Summary: Alex is feeling pressured by Leah. Fisher decides to take a leaf out of June's book and approach life from a different perspective. Sally questions Jude when she learns he is back with Charlotte.
Originally aired on: 4/22/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 72: Episode 3262 (s15e72)

Plot Summary: Alex finally asserts his independence with Leah. Rhys and Shelley's relationship begins to suffer under the strain of family tension. Fisher makes a breakthrough with a young boy at the Drop-in Centre. Dani and Josh long for privacy.
Originally aired on: 4/23/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 73: Episode 3263 (s15e73)

Plot Summary: Noah collapes. Sally is shocked when Brett Egan arrives back in the Bay. Leah realises that she has been taking Alex for granted.
Originally aired on: 4/24/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 74: Episode 3264 (s15e74)

Plot Summary: Charlotte puts her baby at risk to try and save Noah's life. Sally is intrigued by Brett's presence in the Bay. Kirsty is furious when she learns Dani has posted a story on the net about her taking an 'e'. Rhys and Shelley examine the effect their family dramas are having on their marriage.
Originally aired on: 4/25/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 75: Episode 3265 (s15e75)

Plot Summary: Dani's relationship with Josh is affected by her continued memories of Kane. Hayley desperately wills Noah to survive. Sally receives a startling piece of information.
Originally aired on: 4/26/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 76: Episode 3266 (s15e76)

Plot Summary: Dani is upset that Kane is still affecting her life. Irene is intrigued by the new - young - principal. Lara is worried that Seb might still like Kirsty.
Originally aired on: 4/29/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 77: Episode 3267 (s15e77)

Plot Summary: Nick's attempt to sail across the Bay doesn't quite go according to plan. Hayley and Noah decide to move out together Charlotte has some major news for Jude.
Originally aired on: 4/30/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 78: Episode 3268 (s15e78)

Plot Summary: Kirsty is shattered when Seb rejects her advance. The fate of Summer Bay High is decided. Jude is full of nervous excitement at the prospect of being a father - to twins!
Originally aired on: 5/1/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 79: Episode 3269 (s15e79)

Plot Summary: Flynn is stunned when Sally turns down his proposal of moving in together. Dani begins to deal with her feelings towards Kane. Alex is humiliated by the way Kelli treats him after they spend the night together. Jude tells Charlotte that he feels a connection to her that will never be broken.
Originally aired on: 5/2/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 80: Episode 3270 (s15e80)

Plot Summary: Dani makes the toughest decision of her life. Hayley and Noah find their dream home. Kelli tells Alex she wants some time out from the relationship. Sally and Flynn re-affirm their love for each other.
Originally aired on: 5/3/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 81: Episode 3271 (s15e81)

Plot Summary: Dani's decision to come face-to-face with Kane sends shockwaves through the Sutherland family. Kane refuses to return to Summer Bay for the mediation. Hayley tells Irene and Nick she is moving out.
Originally aired on: 5/6/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 82: Episode 3272 (s15e82)

Plot Summary: Flynn finally convinces Kane to agree to the mediation. Noah, Hayley and Josh move into their new share house. Fisher accuses Flynn of allowing his issues with his father to influence his professional judgement.
Originally aired on: 5/7/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 83: Episode 3273 (s15e83)

Plot Summary: Fisher and June share a romantic kiss. Kirsty and Seb continue to forge a strong friendship. Rhys and Shelley's intimate evening is interrupted.
Originally aired on: 5/8/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 84: Episode 3274 (s15e84)

Plot Summary: Seb nearly kisses Kirsty - but he is still going out with Lara! Fisher and June decide to begin a relationship. Irene slowly begins to learn more about Paris.
Originally aired on: 5/9/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 85: Episode 3275 (s15e85)

Plot Summary: Dani comes face-to-face with Kane. Seb and Kirsty give in to temptation and kiss. Irene realises she and Paris share a common bond when he reveals he's a widow.
Originally aired on: 5/10/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 86: Episode 3276 (s15e86)

Plot Summary: Lara is crushed when she learns Seb kissed Kirsty. Dani decides she wants to give the mediation another go. There is a growing attraction between Irene and Paris.
Originally aired on: 5/13/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 87: Episode 3277 (s15e87)

Plot Summary: Dani is triumphant in her second mediation session with Kane. Alex is shattered when he receives a letter from Kelli - breaking off their relationship for good. Steven, Frank, Celia and Lance are the first to return for the Centenary celebrations.
Originally aired on: 5/14/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 88: Episode 3278 (s15e88)

Plot Summary: Sophie, Blake, Carly and Martin join the list of visitors who arrive back in the Bay for the Centenary celebrations. Martin is willing to risk everything to set himself up financially.
Originally aired on: 5/15/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 89: Episode 3279 (s15e89)

Plot Summary: The school dance unites old and new favourites. Irene and Paris acknowledge they need to talk about their growing mutual attraction. Lara tells Seb their relationship is over.
Originally aired on: 5/16/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 90: Episode 3280 (s15e90)

Plot Summary: Irene makes a heartbreaking decision. Sophie and Blake reminisce about lost loves. The young ones take part in the 40 Hour Famine.
Originally aired on: 5/17/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 91: Episode 3281 (s15e91)

Plot Summary: Kirsty lashes out at her family. There's a growing distance between Paris and Irene.
Originally aired on: 5/20/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 92: Episode 3282 (s15e92)

Plot Summary: Floss warns of coming danger. Fisher tries to help Sam find a path for the future.
Originally aired on: 5/21/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 93: Episode 3283 (s15e93)

Plot Summary: Kirsty defies her parents with disastrous consequences. Floss has a disturbing premonition.
Originally aired on: 5/22/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 94: Episode 3284 (s15e94)

Plot Summary: Tragedy strikes, as a storm hits the cruise ship.
Originally aired on: 5/23/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 95: Episode 3285 (s15e95)

Plot Summary: The aftermath of the storm. The SES starts trying to locate the missing people. Rhys is in shock - there's still no sign of Shelly and Kirsty. Irene and Paris are stranded together.
Originally aired on: 5/24/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 96: Episode 3286 (s15e96)

Plot Summary: Dani is worried about how Rhys is coping. Fisher leans on June, as he waits anxiously for news of Seb. Sophie and Blake grow closer, when they are lost in the bush together.
Originally aired on: 5/27/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 97: Episode 3287 (s15e97)

Plot Summary: Kirsty is forced to stay with Kane, and Shelley's life is in danger.
Originally aired on: 5/28/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 98: Episode 3288 (s15e98)

Plot Summary: Kirsty struggles to cope, as her mum's life hangs in the balance. Kane puts himself on the line for Shelley. Nick tries to 'suss out' how Paris really feels about Irene.
Originally aired on: 5/29/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 99: Episode 3289 (s15e99)

Plot Summary: Time is running out for Shelley, Kirsty and Kane.
Originally aired on: 5/30/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 100: Episode 3290 (s15e100)

Plot Summary: Charlotte receives some heart breaking news. The Sutherland's are devastated to learn that Shelley may not fully recover. Kirsty is worried about Kane's condition.
Originally aired on: 5/31/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 101: Episode 3291 (s15e101)

Plot Summary: Charlotte and Jude struggle to deal with their loss. Shelley and Rhys start to notice a strange new bond between Kirsty and Kane.
Originally aired on: 6/3/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 102: Episode 3292 (s15e102)

Plot Summary: A face from the past makes a shock visit to Summer Bay. Kirsty decides to visit Kane in hospital.
Originally aired on: 6/4/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 103: Episode 3293 (s15e103)

Plot Summary: Nick and Seb embark on a secret mission. Alex goes on a hot date with a real wild child.
Originally aired on: 6/5/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 104: Episode 3294 (s15e104)

Plot Summary: Shauna starts to realise that being in Summer Bay is going to be tough! Nick and Seb make a new friend.
Originally aired on: 6/6/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 105: Episode 3295 (s15e105)

Plot Summary: Kirsty is confused to find herself missing Kane's company. There's a growing distance between Jude and Charlotte.
Originally aired on: 6/7/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 106: Episode 3296 (s15e106)

Plot Summary: Kirsty and Kane are confused by the strange bond between them. Jude and Charlotte take a huge step forward in their relationship.
Originally aired on: 6/10/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 107: Episode 3297 (s15e107)

Plot Summary: Can Dani and Josh's relationship survive the pressure? Irene and Paris reach a new level of commitment.
Originally aired on: 6/11/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 108: Episode 3298 (s15e108)

Plot Summary: Aimee gets her way with Alex. Seb and Nick go on a mission to find out more about Josh.
Originally aired on: 6/12/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 109: Episode 3299 (s15e109)

Plot Summary: Kirsty makes a dangerous decision. Alex pushes things too far with Aimee.
Originally aired on: 6/13/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 110: Episode 3300 (s15e110)

Plot Summary: Jude finally comes face-to-face with Shauna. Kirsty and Kane's mutual attraction continues to grow. Aimee is impressed by Noah's caring nature.
Originally aired on: 6/14/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 111: Episode 3301 (s15e111)

Plot Summary: Shauna says that losing Jude was the worst mistake of her life. Aimee is pleased to feel included in Noah and Hayley's 'family'. Nick makes an effort to understand Jade's new outlook on life.
Originally aired on: 6/17/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 112: Episode 3302 (s15e112)

Plot Summary: Memories of Kane continue to get in the way of Dani and Josh's relationship. Jude confesses he still has feelings for Shauna. Aimee becomes increasingly comfortable in Noah's presence.
Originally aired on: 6/18/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 113: Episode 3303 (s15e113)

Plot Summary: Max returns to Summer Bay - for good. Kirsty warns Flynn not to interfere in her friendship with Kane. Josh is furious when Dani discusses the problems in their relationship with her parents.
Originally aired on: 6/19/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 114: Episode 3304 (s15e114)

Plot Summary: Kirsty kisses Kane. Josh tells Dani he wants to take a break. Brodie receives a letter from Miles!
Originally aired on: 6/20/2002
Fan Rating: 9.9

Episode 115: Episode 3305 (s15e115)

Plot Summary: Kirsty makes the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of her family. Dani is heartbroken following her break- up with Josh. Josh tells Noah he's leaving town.
Originally aired on: 6/21/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 116: Episode 3306 (s15e116)

Plot Summary: Kirsty finds it impossible to get Kane out of her mind. Dani is stunned when she learns Josh is leaving Summer Bay. Aimee convinces Hayley to let her move into The Palace.
Originally aired on: 6/24/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 117: Episode 3307 (s15e117)

Plot Summary: Dani rejects Josh's attempts to get back together. Kirsty decides to pursue a relationship with Kane. Jude lies to Charlotte after spending time with Shauna.
Originally aired on: 6/25/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 118: Episode 3308 (s15e118)

Plot Summary: Shauna realises Jude still has feelings for her. Aimee's jealousy of Noah and Hayley's happiness intensifies. Jude match-makes Brodie with Alex.
Originally aired on: 6/26/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 119: Episode 3309 (s15e119)

Plot Summary: Charlotte tells Jude she wants to get pregnant again. Jude tells Leah he is not going to hurt Charlotte - even if it means living a lie for the rest of his life. Brodie takes the next step in moving on from Miles.
Originally aired on: 6/27/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 120: Episode 3310 (s15e120)

Plot Summary: Josh does all he can to win Dani back. Jude continues to live a lie with Charlotte. June feels increasingly unneeded.
Originally aired on: 6/28/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 121: Episode 3311 (s15e121)

Plot Summary: Dani and Josh take the first tentative steps towards reconciliation. Aimee dyes her hair blonde - just like Hayley's! Kirsty and Kane narrowly avoid being seen together.
Originally aired on: 7/1/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 122: Episode 3312 (s15e122)

Plot Summary: June's kleptomania re-emerges. Dani tells Josh she just wants to be friends. Sally tries to warn Charlotte about Jude's feeling for Shauna.
Originally aired on: 7/2/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 123: Episode 3313 (s15e123)

Plot Summary: Flynn forces Jude to face up to his feelings for Shauna. Seb has to lie to cover for Kirsty and Kane. Sally's fears about Shauna and Flynn are laid to rest for once and for all.
Originally aired on: 7/3/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 124: Episode 3314 (s15e124)

Plot Summary: Jude and Shauna share a passionate kiss. Seb warns Kirsty that she won't be able to keep her secret relationship with Kane a secret much longer. Alex is concerned when VJ doesn't react to a loud sound.
Originally aired on: 7/4/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 125: Episode 3315 (s15e125)

Plot Summary: Charlotte is inconsolable when Jude breaks up with her for Shauna. Leah refuses to believe there is anything wrong with VJ. Is the game up for Kirsty and Kane?
Originally aired on: 7/5/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 126: Episode 3316 (s15e126)

Plot Summary: Noah is furious when he discovers Jude has left Charlotte for Shauna. Kirsty refuses to reveal her relationship with Kane to her family. Dani is intrigued when she receives an anonymous letter.
Originally aired on: 7/8/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 127: Episode 3317 (s15e127)

Plot Summary: Noah's anger towards Jude affects his relationship with Hayley - and Aimee loves every minute of it! Seb learns who stole Josh's camera. Max has his first 'kiss'.
Originally aired on: 7/9/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 128: Episode 3318 (s15e128)

Plot Summary: Leah is shattered when she learns VJ is deaf. June comes clean about her problem. Aimee orchestrates a fight between Noah and Hayley.
Originally aired on: 7/10/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 129: Episode 3319 (s15e129)

Plot Summary: Shelley discovers the truth about Kirsty and Kane. Aimee gets her wish - Hayley moves out of The Palace. Leah struggles to decide the right path to take in the wake of the news VJ is deaf.
Originally aired on: 7/11/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 130: Episode 3320 (s15e130)

Plot Summary: Kirsty is devastated, when Shelley bans her from seeing Kane. Nick thinks there's something a bit strange about Aimee. Dani discovers the identity of her mystery correspondent.
Originally aired on: 7/12/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 131: Episode 3321 (s15e131)

Plot Summary: Matters come to a crisis point with Aimee. Shelley takes drastic action to keep Kirsty from Kane. Dani makes a date with her secret letter writer.
Originally aired on: 7/15/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 132: Episode 3322 (s15e132)

Plot Summary: Aimee cracks, leaving Hayley and Noah confused and scared. Leah can't bring herself to tell her family about VJ's condition. Charlotte finally gets some closure with Jude.
Originally aired on: 7/16/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 133: Episode 3323 (s15e133)

Plot Summary: Helen can't accept that VJ is deaf. Sally and Shauna find themselves stuck together. Chris thinks Brodie likes Alex again!
Originally aired on: 7/17/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 134: Episode 3324 (s15e134)

Plot Summary: How far will Kirsty go to be with Kane again? Summer Bay celebrates VJ's christening. Alex has a new rival for Brodie's affections!
Originally aired on: 7/18/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 135: Episode 3325 (s15e135)

Plot Summary: Rhys and Shelley discover Kirsty has run away... with Kane. June puts Seb in a difficult situation. Mav decides Summer Bay is the place he should be.
Originally aired on: 7/19/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 136: Episode 3326 (s15e136)

Plot Summary: Will the watch thief be discovered? Mav tells Leah the real reason why he's staying in Summer Bay. Rhys and Shelley involve the police in their search for Kirsty.
Originally aired on: 7/22/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 137: Episode 3327 (s15e137)

Plot Summary: Kirsty and Kane start to build their new life together. June deals with the consequences of her stealing. Alex is jealous of Brodie's affection for Mav.
Originally aired on: 7/23/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 138: Episode 3328 (s15e138)

Plot Summary: Kirsty's new life with Kane turns out to be hard... and dangerous. Max's scamming gets out of control.
Originally aired on: 7/24/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 139: Episode 3329 (s15e139)

Plot Summary: Kane and Kirsty are on the run again... but for how long? Does Dani have a new love interest? Max finds himself in trouble... again.
Originally aired on: 7/25/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 140: Episode 3330 (s15e140)

Plot Summary: Dani is caught between two guys! A heartbroken Kirsty returns home. Nick tries to help Max.
Originally aired on: 7/26/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 141: Episode 3331 (s15e141)

Plot Summary: Dani goes on an incredible date with Chris... but where does this leave Josh? Who is Summer Bay's mystery millionaire? Kirsty is finding it hard being back.
Originally aired on: 7/29/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 142: Episode 3332 (s15e142)

Plot Summary: Dani takes control of her love life. The identity of the Summer Bay millionaire is revealed!
Originally aired on: 7/30/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 143: Episode 3333 (s15e143)

Plot Summary: Sally is out to prove how wild she is to Flynn. June reaches breaking point.
Originally aired on: 7/31/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 144: Episode 3334 (s15e144)

Plot Summary: Alex and Leah start to learn about Kelli's hidden past. The consequences of the break-in are worse than Flynn thought. Fisher goes to great lengths to make June feel young again.
Originally aired on: 8/1/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 145: Episode 3335 (s15e145)

Plot Summary: Alex wonders what's going on between Kelli and Jason. Kirsty makes an important decision.
Originally aired on: 8/2/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 146: Episode 3336 (s15e146)

Plot Summary: Alex is oblivious to the danger that Kelli is facing. Flynn raises money for the DIC - by doing a nude modelling shoot! Kirsty discovers that going back to school won't be so easy.
Originally aired on: 8/5/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 147: Episode 3337 (s15e147)

Plot Summary: Kelli's life hangs in the balance. Will Alex and Charlotte rescue her in time? Brodie finds herself falling for Mav.
Originally aired on: 8/6/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 148: Episode 3338 (s15e148)

Plot Summary: It is Dani's birthday. Dani and Josh take things one step further. Mav tells Brodie some startling news. Kirsty challenges Fisher to let her back in to school.
Originally aired on: 8/7/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 149: Episode 3339 (s15e149)

Plot Summary: Charlotte comes up with a shocking proposal for Flynn. Dani makes an important decision about her relationship with Josh. Mav teaches Brodie to trust him.
Originally aired on: 8/8/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 150: Episode 3340 (s15e150)

Plot Summary: Charlotte puts her friendship with Sally on the line in an attempt to have a baby. Max has it in for Fisher. Rhys is frustrated by Fisher's treatment of the twins.
Originally aired on: 8/9/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 151: Episode 3341 (s15e151)

Plot Summary: Who is the mystery visitor at Leah's door? Shelley is upset after she loses her cool with Kirsty. Colleen is disgusted by Dani and Josh's open display of affection.
Originally aired on: 8/12/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 152: Episode 3342 (s15e152)

Plot Summary: Summer Bay is shocked by Jesse's surprise return. Kelli receives a frightening phone call. Dani and Josh are determined to prove they can keep their hands off each other.
Originally aired on: 8/13/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 153: Episode 3343 (s15e153)

Plot Summary: Sally and Flynn discover Charlotte has been self-prescribing medication. Noah has a run-in with Jesse. Leah is concerned for the safety of her family in the wake of Jason's latest incident.
Originally aired on: 8/14/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 154: Episode 3344 (s15e154)

Plot Summary: Charlotte reaches breaking point. Noah is jealous when Hayley gets a tattoo just like Jesse's. Mav impresses Brodie, opening up her eyes to new things.
Originally aired on: 8/15/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 155: Episode 3345 (s15e155)

Plot Summary: Colleen's bad mouthing causes problems for June. Kirsty returns to school. Colleen catches Rhys and Shelley in a compromising position.
Originally aired on: 8/16/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 156: Episode 3346 (s15e156)

Plot Summary: Charlotte tells Flynn she wants to adopt the baby. Jade and Kirsty compete for the lead role in the Eisteddfod. June is horrified by how deeply Colleen wants to be involved in the Eisteddfod.
Originally aired on: 8/19/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 157: Episode 3347 (s15e157)

Plot Summary: Noah's jealousy of Jesse and Hayley grows. June has created a monster by inviting Colleen to be part of the Eisteddfod. Kirsty struggles in her new role as director of the Eisteddfod.
Originally aired on: 8/20/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 158: Episode 3348 (s15e158)

Plot Summary: Jason continues to torment Kelli. Dani and Josh reconcile. Jesse assures Noah he is not after Hayley.
Originally aired on: 8/21/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 159: Episode 3349 (s15e159)

Plot Summary: Kelli fears the worst when Riley and Braydon disappear. Charlotte makes a life altering decision. Brodie grapples with the prospect of losing Mav.
Originally aired on: 8/22/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 160: Episode 3350 (s15e160)

Plot Summary: Alex is the victim of a violent attack. June goes behind Colleen's back to avoid confrontation. Rhys and Max become closer.
Originally aired on: 8/23/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 161: Episode 3351 (s15e161)

Plot Summary: Nick is mortified when Jade and Seb have to kiss as part of the Eisteddfod. Leah tells Kelli she has to move out. Dani remains clueless to Kirsty's affair with Kane.
Originally aired on: 8/26/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 162: Episode 3352 (s15e162)

Plot Summary: Jesse teaches Jason a lesson. Colleen is devastated when she learns June has been trying to keep her away from Eisteddfod meetings. Nick is increasingly unnerved by Jade's sexy performance as Juliet.
Originally aired on: 8/27/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 163: Episode 3353 (s15e163)

Plot Summary: Jesse leaves Summer Bay - but is it for good? Leah learns the shocking truth about how Vinnie is coping in prison. Colleen spends increasing amounts of time gambling at the RSL.
Originally aired on: 8/28/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 164: Episode 3354 (s15e164)

Plot Summary: Brodie makes a mammoth decision. Max accidentally calls Rhys 'Dad'. Dani is unimpressed by Josh's attitude to his job as head lifeguard.
Originally aired on: 8/29/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 165: Episode 3355 (s15e165)

Plot Summary: Charlotte's friends gather for her farewell lunch, but no one will see what's coming next... Flynn lies to the police to protect Jesse. Brodie and Mav prepare to take the next step in their relationship.
Originally aired on: 8/30/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 166: Episode 3356 (s15e166)

Plot Summary: Charlotte's life hangs in the balance. Kelli's nightmare with Jason finally comes to an end. Jude makes a surprise return to the Bay.
Originally aired on: 9/2/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 167: Episode 3357 (s15e167)

Plot Summary: Charlotte's friends unite to say a final goodbye, before she passes away. Jade loses faith in God in the wake of Charlotte's death. Max is angry when he realises Rhys denied him the opportunity to say goodbye to Charlotte.
Originally aired on: 9/3/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 168: Episode 3358 (s15e168)

Plot Summary: Jesse visits Rachel in Queensland. Shelley discovers Kirsty is using the Eisteddfod to tell her story with Kane. Jade continues to feel disillusioned with God.
Originally aired on: 9/4/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 169: Episode 3359 (s15e169)

Plot Summary: Kirsty is furious with Shelley for searching through her room. Alex is surprised that his feelings for Brodie are still so deep. Nick warns Seb to stay out of his relationship with Jade.
Originally aired on: 9/5/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 170: Episode 3360 (s15e170)

Plot Summary: Summer Bay gathers to farewell Charlotte in a moving ceremony. Jude receives some shocking news. Kelli realises Alex still loves Brodie.
Originally aired on: 9/6/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 171: Episode 3361 (s15e171)

Plot Summary: Noah is shocked when he suspects Jude is going to keep Charlotte's money. Jade adopts a 'live in the moment' philosophy. Colleen's gambling continues.
Originally aired on: 9/9/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 172: Episode 3362 (s15e172)

Plot Summary: Sally is forced to put her money where her mouth is. Hayley attempts to heal the rift between Jude and Noah with little success. Max bonds with Colleen.
Originally aired on: 9/10/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 173: Episode 3363 (s15e173)

Plot Summary: Leah goes to great lengths to support Jesse. Alex tells Brodie they belong together. Jessie is determined to get his life together.
Originally aired on: 9/12/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 174: Episode 3364 (s15e174)

Plot Summary: The countdown to the Eisteddfod dress reherarsal is on. A new, sexier Jade emerges. Noah loses his cool with Jude.
Originally aired on: 9/13/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 175: Episode 3365 (s15e175)

Plot Summary: The Eisteddfod performance stuns the audience, and Fisher is left to deal with the fallout. Seb is blown away by Jade's sexy performance. Leah leaves town to take V.J. to a hearing clinic.
Originally aired on: 9/13/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 176: Episode 3366 (s15e176)

Plot Summary: Noah and Hayley continue to fight over Jesse. Jade refuses to be remorseful after the Eisteddfod debacle. Nick feels betrayed by Seb.
Originally aired on: 9/16/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 177: Episode 3367 (s15e177)

Plot Summary: The students are outraged by Fisher's decision to cancel the Eisteddfod. Noah catches Hayley and Jesse in a compromising position. Jesse moves into Irene's place.
Originally aired on: 9/17/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 178: Episode 3368 (s15e178)

Plot Summary: The students fight for the Eisteddfod. Jade propositions Nick! Hayley moves out of The Palace.
Originally aired on: 9/18/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 179: Episode 3369 (s15e179)

Plot Summary: Josh's mother arrives in the Bay but what's she hiding? Nick is taken aback by Jade's proposition. June remembers what life is all about.
Originally aired on: 9/19/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 180: Episode 3370 (s15e180)

Plot Summary: Dani lies to cover for Jade. Flynn's past comes back to haunt him. Colleen makes a heartbreaking declaration.
Originally aired on: 9/20/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 181: Episode 3371 (s15e181)

Plot Summary: Dani finally discovers the shocking truth about Kirsty and Kane. Jackie's proposed article threatens Flynn's future at the Drop-in Centre. Max is caught looking up 'adult' websites.
Originally aired on: 9/23/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 182: Episode 3372 (s15e182)

Plot Summary: Dani's world comes crashing down around her. Noah forces Hayley to face up to how she's been behaving with Jesse. Shelley clashes with Irene over her involvement with Dani.
Originally aired on: 9/24/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 183: Episode 3373 (s15e183)

Plot Summary: Fisher proposes to June. Josh tells his mother what he thinks of her. Noah and Hayley's romantic evening goes horribly - and hilariously - wrong.
Originally aired on: 9/25/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 184: Episode 3374 (s15e184)

Plot Summary: Money goes missing from the Diner. Dani tentatively reconciles with her parents. News of Fisher and June's engagement spreads.
Originally aired on: 9/26/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 185: Episode 3375 (s15e185)

Plot Summary: Fisher clashes with Alf over his accusation that June stole the money from the Diner. Rhys is shocked by the identity of the new Deputy Principal. Colleen learns Rhys thinks she's the thief.
Originally aired on: 9/27/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 186: Episode 3376 (s15e186)

Plot Summary: Dani tries to establish her independence. June is devastated by Fisher's lack of trust.
Originally aired on: 9/30/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 187: Episode 3377 (s15e187)

Plot Summary: Rhys' fortieth birthday party is full of surprises; and not all of them are pleasant!
Originally aired on: 10/1/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 188: Episode 3378 (s15e188)

Plot Summary: Someone decides to leave Summer Bay. Alf discovers who really took the money. Sally has a special proposal for Flynn.
Originally aired on: 10/2/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 189: Episode 3379 (s15e189)

Plot Summary: Dani and Shelley's relationship reaches crisis point. Brodie gets an unwelcome room-mate.
Originally aired on: 10/3/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 190: Episode 3380 (s15e190)

Plot Summary: An accident at the gym puts Jesse and Josh's jobs on the line. Alf is scared - what is happening to him?
Originally aired on: 10/4/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 191: Episode 3381 (s15e191)

Plot Summary: Covering for Jesse could cost Josh his career. Brodie and Alex declare their love for one another. Shelley is horrified when Jade puts her life in danger as part of her 'live for the moment' philosophy.
Originally aired on: 10/7/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 192: Episode 3382 (s15e192)

Plot Summary: Kirsty falls for the new guy at school - who happens to be Angie's son. The Sutherlands reach the end of their tether with Jade's behaviour. Sally and Flynn adapt to living together.
Originally aired on: 10/8/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 193: Episode 3383 (s15e193)

Plot Summary: Kirsty is convinced that Rhys is having an affair. Alex suspects Jesse is attracted to Leah. Alf is devastated when he learns there's no cure for Alzheimer's.
Originally aired on: 10/9/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 194: Episode 3384 (s15e194)

Plot Summary: Kirsty avoids her father, convinced he is cheating on Shelley. Josh has a shock proposal for Dani. Alf retreats further and further into himself, believing he has Alzheimer's.
Originally aired on: 10/10/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 195: Episode 3385 (s15e195)

Plot Summary: Angie reveals a secret to Rhys that will change his life forever. Sally has some shocking news for Flynn. Dani decides to leave Summer Bay with Josh.
Originally aired on: 10/11/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 196: Episode 3386 (s15e196)

Plot Summary: Kirsty and Dylan's romance is discovered - with terrible consequences. Shelley is starting to wonder what's happening to her family.
Originally aired on: 10/16/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 197: Episode 3387 (s15e197)

Plot Summary: Angie demands that Rhys tell Shelley the truth... or she will. Kirsty and Dylan grow closer than ever. Will Jesse get a second chance?
Originally aired on: 10/17/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 198: Episode 3388 (s15e198)

Plot Summary: Shelley and Angie start to form a friendship. Kirsty and Dylan's secret romance goes public. How will Angie cope with the new autistic student?
Originally aired on: 10/17/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 199: Episode 3389 (s15e199)

Plot Summary: A fight breaks out in the surf club... while someone is drowning outside. Will Josh leave Summer Bay without Dani?
Originally aired on: 10/17/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 200: Episode 3390 (s15e200)

Plot Summary: Will Shelley discover Rhys' terrible secret? Hayley puts Jesse in a difficult situation. Dylan learns some devastating news.
Originally aired on: 10/18/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 201: Episode 3391 (aka "Shattered Hearts") (s15e201)

Plot Summary: Shelley tells Rhys the family's future is on his head. Hayley tells Jesse she cannot work with him. Kirsty is shattered by Dylan's change of heart.
Originally aired on: 10/21/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 202: Episode 3392 (s15e202)

Plot Summary: Sally and Flynn find a surrogate. Dani confronts Angie. Alf's behaviour becomes hazardous.
Originally aired on: 10/22/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 203: Episode 3393 (s15e203)

Plot Summary: Alf is stunned to hear of Morag's plans. Flynn discovers the truth about Tara. Sally makes a connection with Mikey.
Originally aired on: 10/23/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 204: Episode 3394 (aka "Broken Dreams") (s15e204)

Plot Summary: Kirsty learns of Rhys' devastating news. Jesse tells Leah that Vinnie is in trouble. Brodie takes Alex on a secret getaway.
Originally aired on: 10/24/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 205: Episode 3395 (s15e205)

Plot Summary: Seb is frantic when Mikey disappears. Alex accuses Jesse of muscling in on Leah. Morag recognises Angie.
Originally aired on: 10/25/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 206: Episode 3396 (s15e206)

Plot Summary: The search for Mikey comes to an end. Sally's hurt to find a negligence report has been filed against her. Life-threatening complications arise for VJ.
Originally aired on: 10/28/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 207: Episode 3397 (s15e207)

Plot Summary: Will VJ survive? Dylan and Max enlist each other's help. Morag is puzzled to find vast amounts of cash in Alf's apartment.
Originally aired on: 10/29/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 208: Episode 3398 (s15e208)

Plot Summary: Mikey decides to see if he can fly. Jade takes matters into her own hands with Kirsty and Dylan. Shelley sees a new side to Rhys.
Originally aired on: 10/30/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 209: Episode 3399 (s15e209)

Plot Summary: Sally risks her life in a bid to rescue Mikey. Irene unveils her plans to Fisher. Colleen reveals a shocking secret from her past.
Originally aired on: 10/31/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 210: Episode 3400 (s15e210)

Plot Summary: Rhys publicly declares Dylan his son. The Sutherlands vote on whether to remain a family or not. Jesse succumbs to Angie's advances. Hayley discovers money is missing from the gym accounts. Noah decides to run for council.
Originally aired on: 11/1/2002
Fan Rating: 9.9

Episode 211: Episode 3401 (s15e211)

Plot Summary: Alex is stunned by Brodie's revelation. Flynn makes an alarming discovery about Alf. Dylan enrages Angie.
Originally aired on: 11/4/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 212: Episode 3402 (s15e212)

Plot Summary: A close call for Shelley when she is almost killed. Morag delivers on her ultimatum to Alf.
Originally aired on: 11/5/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 213: Episode 3403 (s15e213)

Plot Summary: Dani fears Shelley is on the verge of a breakdown. Jesse is tempted by an offer to make some fast cash. Will Don unite with Alf against Morag?
Originally aired on: 11/6/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 214: Episode 3404 (s15e214)

Plot Summary: Alf's worst fears are realised. Alex shocks Brodie with a bold new plan. Can Leah and Jesse remain friends?
Originally aired on: 11/7/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 215: Episode 3405 (s15e215)

Plot Summary: Jesse almost pays the ultimate price. Jade lies to Fisher. Alf must face a harsh reality.
Originally aired on: 11/8/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 216: Episode 3406 (s15e216)

Plot Summary: Jesse puts himself in the line of fire. Irene gets an unwelcome surprise. Nick puts his school career in jeopardy.
Originally aired on: 11/11/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 217: Episode 3407 (s15e217)

Plot Summary: Jesse's worst fears come true. Kirsty considers Dylan's startling proposition. Leah's plans are thwarted.
Originally aired on: 11/12/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 218: Episode 3408 (s15e218)

Plot Summary: Kirsty hits rock bottom. Nick's relationship with Angie takes an unexpected twist. Josh shares some surprising news.
Originally aired on: 11/13/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 219: Episode 3409 (s15e219)

Plot Summary: Dylan becomes self destructive. Leah has a change of heart. Max receives some exciting news.
Originally aired on: 11/14/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 220: Episode 3410 (s15e220)

Plot Summary: Jesse deceives the law. Angie makes Sally a tempting proposition. Max commits fraud.
Originally aired on: 11/15/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 221: Episode 3411 (s15e221)

Plot Summary: Morag makes a disturbing discovery about Angie. Fisher lays down the law to Alf. Noah's election hopes skyrocket.
Originally aired on: 11/18/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 222: Episode 3412 (s15e222)

Plot Summary: Leah receives some wonderful news from Vinnie. Irene gives Angie a stern ultimatum. Dani fears that Josh is changing.
Originally aired on: 11/19/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 223: Episode 3413 (s15e223)

Plot Summary: Nick makes a shock decision. Hayley accuses Noah of selling out. Sally gives Angie her answer.
Originally aired on: 11/20/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 224: Episode 3414 (s15e224)

Plot Summary: Will Jade and Nick ever be the same? Jesse confesses the truth to police. Noah rescues Morag from an attack.
Originally aired on: 11/21/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 225: Episode 3415 (s15e225)

Plot Summary: Shelley delivers a drastic ultimatum. Sally makes a surprise announcement. Dylan loses faith in Flynn.
Originally aired on: 11/22/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 226: Episode 3416 (s15e226)

Plot Summary: Dani gives a grave warning to Angie. Morag makes some serious allegations. Dylan is crushed by Kirsty's suggestions.
Originally aired on: 11/25/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 227: Episode 3417 (s15e227)

Plot Summary: Is Rhys' marriage over? Will Noah betray all he stands for to get elected? Alf collapses.
Originally aired on: 11/26/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 228: Episode 3418 (s15e228)

Plot Summary: Sally and Flynn find a surrogate. VJ takes his first steps. Alf is amused to find Morag in trouble with the law.
Originally aired on: 11/27/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 229: Episode 3419 (s15e229)

Plot Summary: Shelley publicly humiliates Angie. Max confesses the truth to Colleen. Kirsty refuses Dylan's birthday gift. VJ hears his mother's voice for the first time.
Originally aired on: 11/28/2002
Fan Rating: 0.0

Episode 230: Episode 3420 (s15e230)

Plot Summary: Tragedy strikes on VJ's birthday. Shelley leaves Summer Bay. Alf's life takes an incredible twist.
Originally aired on: 11/29/2002
Fan Rating: 9.5


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