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Chobits [rating: 8.9]

Chobits Plot Summary

Meet Hideki Motosuwa. A young man studying to enter into college. In his move to Tokyo, one night he finds a young girl tossed in the garbage. He later notices that this is a persocom (a human computer) and he figures a way to turn it on (since the persocom was pretty much dead) and wackiness ensues.

We see how Hideki struggles to get through school and falls in love and finds out about Chi's (his persocom) painful past.

Opening Theme:

"Let Me Be With You"

sung by: ROUND TABLE featuring Nino

Ending Theme:

"Raison D'Etre" (reason to be) (ep 1-13)

"Mermaid" (ep 14-26)

sung by: Rie Tanaka

Ratings: 16up for Adult Situations. The equivalent for movies would be PG-13. The graphic novels has stronger language and more adult content than this series.

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