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Gunsmoke [8.8]

Dodge City, known as the Sodom and Gomorrah of the plains, is a typical frontier city of the late 1800s with typical problems ranging from... more »

Maverick [8.0]

Maverick told the story of Bret Maverick, a card shark who lived during the Old West era. The show was originally a straightforward tale of... more »

Peyton Place [9.0]

Peyton Place was America's first truly successful primetime serial. The series was the brainchild of veteran producer Paul Monash.... more »

Family Affair (1966) [8.7]

Family Affair was one of those successful family comedies of the 1960's. Bill Davis' carefree existence as a swinging bachelor was just... more »

Cannon [8.8]

Frank Cannon lives in a penthouse on the Sunset Strip, where his passion is gourmet cuisine prepared by himself. In between meals he hires... more »

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